Spark Boost for First X Turns
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 91

Spark Boost for First X Turns is a passive effect that boosts spark damage for a specified duration. This effect stacks with other Spark Boost effects, including the original variant.

This effect is exclusive to Delusion Device.

Example of Stacking

  • Assuming Devoted Yasna Armaiti is equipped with Delusion Device and her "Add to SBB (Boosts Spark damage for 3 turns)" SP option is the only option unlocked, Armaiti will have a total spark damage bonus of 445% during the first two turns, but a total spark damage bonus of 345% from Turn 3 onwards.
    • Armaiti's SBB provides a 125% boost to Spark damage for Earth units
    • Armaiti's SBB provides a 220% boost to Spark damage, provided the SP option was unlocked
    • Delusion Device provides a 100% boost to Spark damage during the first two turns
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