Spark Critical
Buff ID 83
Passive ID 100

Spark Critical (also known as Spark Crit) is an effect that grants additional Spark damage upon sparking. A Spark Critical is visually shown with a red-colored “SPARK!!” instead of green.

Unlike Spark Vulnerability, each Spark has a specified chance of becoming a Spark Critical, additively boosting Spark bonus for that hit only.

For example, Starpyre Lancer Zeis’s SBB has a Spark Critical buff that has a 30% chance of dealing 60% extra damage. Because Zeis also has a 150% Spark buff on her SBB and Spark comes with a 150% base, the total Spark bonus provided becomes 360% (150% base + 150% Spark buff from Zeis's SBB + 60% from Spark Critical).

Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Spark Critical effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Sparkcrit.png Spark Critical DESC_BUFF_SPARKCRTACTIVATED Critical damage dealt during Spark.


  • Despite being named Spark Critical, this effect has no interactions with critical damage.

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