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See also: Permanent Events, Guild Events, Frontier Hunter, Raid Battle

The following events are all ongoing events in Brave Frontier. If a Vortex event is not here, it is likely not available at the moment. See Past Special Events for a list of Vortex events that have happened in the past.

Guardians of Lore, Grand Gaia Chronicles, Parades, Vortex Trials, and many past dungeons appear in Permanent Events.

Full Metal Hare

Category Dungeons
Sp quest banner 25600001.png

Best Laid Plans: Apr. 07, 00:00 PST - Apr. 27, 23:59 PST
Vikki's Gambit: Apr. 14, 00:00 PST - Apr. 27, 23:59 PST
Spare Parts: Apr. 07, 00:00 PST - Apr. 27, 23:59 PST
Best Laid Plans
Vikki's Gambit
Spare Parts
Sp quest banner 25600002.png

Duration: Apr. 07, 00:00 PST - Apr. 27, 23:59 PST
Chocolatey Catastrophe

Duration: Apr. 07, 00:00 PST – May 02, 23:59 PST
Event Bazaar: Easter 2021

Hero Selector

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Frontier Hunter

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Current Season: Season 77

Frontier Rift

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Frontier Spire

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Vortex Arena

See Terrestrial Showdown

Guild Raid

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Current Competitive Season: Guild Raid Season 23
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