Sphere Lock
Sphere lock.png
Buff ID 95, 10003
Passive ID N/A

Sphere Lock is an effect that invalidates all sphere effects on the target. Currently, this effect is exclusive to enemy skills.

Sphere Lock cannot be cleansed by any means outside purging them.

Leader Skill Lock and Extra Skill Lock serve as two other counterparts to Sphere Lock.


While not implemented as a buff, Sphere Lock effects can passively appear in Arena and Colosseum as one of the Random Rules. In Arena, the Random Rules option must be toggled on.

Interactions with Added Effects to Leader Skill

If a sphere(s) with Added Effect to Leader Skill is equipped to a unit that is sphere locked, all effects added to Leader Skill from the sphere(s) will become invalidated as well.

Elemental Synergy: Nova

Sphere Locks can be negated and purged through the use of the Elemental Synergy, Nova.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Sphere lock.png Null Sphere DESC_BUFF_NULLSPHERE Sphere effects are null.
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