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Spheres are items that can be equipped to units, providing a variety of effects to the holder.


Spheres are an integral part of the game, and can benefit a unit holding one in a variety of ways, whether nullifying all status ailments or giving a percentage boost to a unit's overall stats.

Equipping Spheres

Spheres can be equipped by going to Unit > Equip Sphere. They can also be equipped when viewing a unit's info.

Sphere Frog

When a Sphere Frog is fused into a unit, this gives it the ability to equip two spheres instead of the standard one. The only limit to this is that no two spheres of the same type can be equipped at the same time (e.g. A Status Boost Sphere cannot be equipped with another Status Boost Sphere).

Crafting Spheres

Certain spheres can be crafted in the Town or in the Imperial Capital Randall.

For a list of craftable spheres, see Synthesis List.


1★ | 2★ | 3★ | 4★ | 5★ | 6★ | 7★

Spheres are categorized into seven different rarities, often determining the strength of the sphere.

Sphere Types

Spheres are categorized into different Sphere Types. Units that can equip two spheres at a time cannot be equipped with two spheres of the same Sphere Type.

Sphere icon status boost.png Status Enhancing
Sphere icon critical.png Critical
Sphere icon drop.png Drop
Sphere icon status ailment.png Ailment Inducing
Sphere icon status ailments resistant.png Element Fusion
Sphere icon bb gauge.png BB Gauge
Sphere icon hp recovery.png HP Recovery
Sphere icon expose target.png Target Setting
Sphere icon damage reflecting.png Damage Reflecting
Sphere icon damage reducing.png Damage Reducing
Sphere icon spark.png Spark
Sphere icon defense penetrating.png Defense Piercing
Sphere icon atk boosting.png Attack Boosting
Sphere icon special.png Special