Status Cure
Buff ID 10, 38
Passive ID N/A

Status Cure is an effect that cleanses the target of all status ailments and stat reduction debuffs.

The list of the following status ailments and debuffs are as follows:

Badbuff Curse.png Curse
Badbuff Poison.png Poison
Badbuff Paralysis.png Paralysis
Badbuff Injury.png Injury
Badbuff Weak.png Weakness
Badbuff Sick.png Sickness
Atk down.png Atk Down*
Def down.png Def Down*
Rec down.png Rec Down*

* Atk Down, Def Down, and Rec Down cannot be negated through Status Negation. Instead, they can only be negated through Parameter Reduction Negation.

Debuffs, such as Additional Damage, Turn Skip, BC Efficacy Reduction, Doom, etc., cannot be cleansed with this effect.


It is highly recommended to have a unit that cleanses status ailments in every squad. Curse and Paralysis are considered to be the most crippling status ailments in the game due to units being unable to use skills and/or act under these conditions respectively.


  • Fatalshot Andaria is the only unit in the game to have a Proc ID 10 status cleanse. The functionality remains the same as Proc ID 38, however.

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