Status Infliction Added to Attack
Add to attack poison.pngAdd to attack weakness.pngAdd to attack sickness.pngAdd to attack injury.pngAdd to attack curse.pngAdd to attack paralysis.png
Buff ID 40
Passive ID 20

Status Infliction Added to Attack is an effect that grants allies Status Infliction to attack.

There are currently six status ailments in the game: Poison, Weakness, Sickness, Injury, Curse, Paralysis

Status Cleanse can cleanse all status ailments of the target.

All status ailments inflicted on the player's units last for 3 turns. On enemies, Curse and Paralysis last only 1 turn while the other ailments last for 3 turns. In all Arena game modes, all status ailments will last for 3 turns on Player and Enemy sides with the exception of Paralysis only lasting 1 turn exclusively in Challenge Arena.

Status Ailments

Badbuff Poison.png Poison

Poison deals 10% of the target’s max HP at the end of each turn.

Badbuff Weak.png Weakness

Weakness reduces the target’s Defense stat by 50% subtractively.

Badbuff Sick.png Sickness

Sickness reduces the target’s Recovery stat by 50% subtractively.

Badbuff Injury.png Injury

Injury reduces the target’s Attack stat by 50% subtractively.

Badbuff Curse.png Curse

Curse prevents the target from using Brave Burst. Additionally, this also prevents the target from filling the BB gauge until Curse wears off.

Badbuff Paralysis.png Paralysis

Paralysis prevents the unit from moving.

Interactions with Random Target Attacks

Due to each hit of a random target attack being treated as an attack, this creates instances where the unit utilizing random target attacks can roll through multiple trials of a chance-based effect that is added to attack.

For instance, if Void Pasha Ensa-Taya uses her 40-hit random target BB, each one of the 40 hits will have a 20% chance of inflicting Paralysis, Injury, Weakness, and Sickness. By binomial cumulative distribution, this means Ensa-Taya has a 99.9867% chance of inflicting status ailments.

Frame Timings

Enemies that have not already reached 0 HP can be afflicted with status ailments. Any subsequent frames after the enemy's HP reaches 0 will prevent any status ailments or debuffs from applying.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Add to attack poison.png Add Poison DESC_BUFF_ADDPOISON Adds chance of inflicting Poison when attacking.
Add to attack weakness.png Add Weak DESC_BUFF_ADDWEAK Adds chance of inflicting Weak when attacking.
Add to attack sickness.png Add Sick DESC_BUFF_ADDSICK Adds chance of inflicting Sick when attacking.
Add to attack injury.png Add Injury DESC_BUFF_ADDINJURY Adds chance of inflicting Injury when attacking.
Add to attack curse.png Add Curse DESC_BUFF_ADDCURSE Adds chance of inflicting Curse when attacking.
Add to attack paralysis.png Add Paralysis DESC_BUFF_ADDPARA Adds chance of inflicting Paralysis when attacking.

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