Status Negation
Statusnull poison.pngStatusnull weakness.pngStatusnull sickness.pngStatusnull injury.pngStatusnull curse.pngStatusnull paralysis.png
Buff ID 17
Passive ID 4

Status Negation (also known as Status Nullification; not to be confused with Status Cleanse) is an effect that negates all status ailments. It cannot negate Parameter Reduction debuffs such as Atk Down, Def Down, and Rec Down. It also does not cure status ailments that have already been afflicted.

Status ailments that can be negated include:

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Statusnull poison.png Poison Block DESC_BUFF_POISONBLK Protects against Poison.
Statusnull weakness.png Weak Block DESC_BUFF_WEAKBLK Protects against Weak.
Statusnull sickness.png Sick Block DESC_BUFF_SICKBLK Protects against Sick.
Statusnull injury.png Injury Block DESC_BUFF_INJURYBLK Protects against Injury.
Statusnull curse.png Curse Block DESC_BUFF_CURSEBLK Protects against Curse.
Statusnull paralysis.png Paralysis Block DESC_BUFF_PARALYSISBLK Protects against Paralysis.

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