Buff ID 10001
Passive ID N/A
NOTE: This is NOT the same thing as Evasion. For more information on Evasion, see Evasion.

Stealth is a buff that can temporarily prevent a unit from being targeted by single-target attacks; it does not protect a unit from AoE (Area of Effect) attacks. It can also provide the unit with an ATK%, DEF%, REC%, and/or Critical Hit Rate% buff, which stacks with other procs and passives that also boost those stats.

Interactions with Taunt

A unit cannot have Stealth and Taunt buffs active at the same time. A unit with Stealth active will have its Stealth effects overwritten by Taunt upon application and vice-versa. If Stealth and Taunt were to be added on the same frame, Stealth will take precedence.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Stealth.png Stealth DESC_BUFF_STEALTH Cannot be targeted.


  • On release, Stealth Robe had a Stealth effect that made it impossible for units in Arena to target it, making enemies skipping their turn as a result. This sphere’s effects were changed later on.
  • Netherking Hadaron was the first unit to have the Stealth effect, and due to how the Stealth mechanic worked at the time, AoE attacks would not be able to target him if he was the only unit alive, forcing enemies to skip their turn. This was heavily exploited by players that made Hadaron solo Trials until the Stealth mechanic was fixed to counter this issue.

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