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Strange Lands
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English Strange Lands
English (Translated) Unsealed Foreign Land
Japanese 開かれた異郷
Composer Hikoshi Hashimoto
Length 1:12
Length (OST) 2:45
Zel Cost 175000 Zell thum

"Sphere holding valuable data on the underworld."

Strange Lands is a musical piece composed by Hikoshi Hashimoto that is used in Brave Frontier. It is also the first song in Disc 4 of the Brave Frontier Original Soundtrack.


"Strange Lands" plays when selecting a mission in Ishgria.

How to Unlock[]

This song becomes available for purchase in the Music House upon clearing "Facing the Sealed God" in Bariura's Grand Gaia Crater.


In the Japan version of the game, Frontier was still used as a map theme for Celgrad upon its initial release.