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Strike! Break!
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English Strike! Break!
English (Translated) Link! Party Attack! Break!!
Japanese 絆! 連撃! Break!!
Composer Tomoyoshi Sato
Length 1:42
Length (OST) 3:37
Zel Cost 130000 Zell thum

Strike! Break! is a musical piece composed by Tomoyoshi Sato that is used in Brave Frontier. It is also the eighth song in Disc 6 of the Brave Frontier Original Soundtrack.


Brave Frontier[]

"A song found on an old Grand Gaian battlefield."

In Brave Frontier, "Strike! Break!" plays when fighting a boss in Multi Battle, a game mode exclusive to the Japan version of the game.

This also plays in certain cutscenes of Re:Generations and Altered Destiny.

Brave Frontier 2[]


"Strike! Break!" plays in the following:

  • Any quest in Demon Castle Basement's Trial Space
  • Battle with Sasha in Trial 01
  • Battle with Roy in Trial 02
  • Battle with Joshua in Trial 03
  • Battle with Zado in Trial 04 while above 40% HP
  • Battle with Hilda and Lune in Trial 05 while both are above 60% HP
  • Battle with Melfel in Trial 06 while above 40% HP
  • Battle with Barragan in Trial 07 while above 50% HP
  • Battle with Seria, Lugina and Karl in Trial 08

How to Unlock[]

This song becomes available for purchase in the Music House upon clearing "Song from the Seabed" in Aldahlia's Elnada Sea Temple.