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Sp quest banner summer2018 paradise
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Summer Paradise 15 4 7,500 500
Unit ills thum 50792 

Notes: This dungeon can only be accessed once a day.

All units in this dungeon can be captured.

Token Yield:

  • Without bonuses: 50 Matsuri Tokens
  • 1 bonus unit: 100 Matsuri Tokens
  • 2 bonus units: 150 Matsuri Tokens
  • 3 bonus units: 200 Matsuri Tokens
  • 4 bonus units: 250 Matsuri Tokens
  • 5 bonus units: 300 Matsuri Tokens

General Zone Details

Tsovinar is a bonus unit that can be used to increase the amount of Matsuri Tokens obtained from the dungeon. The more copies in the squad, the more tokens obtained upon clearing.