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The Summoner Avatar Arc is accessible when defeating Holy Emperor Karna Masta in Menon.

To access Summoner Arc from the Home menu, click on "Summoner's Home" located on the bottom-left of the screen.

Summoner Unit

Manage Appearance

Players will be prompted here when entering the Summoner Avatar Arc the first time. Players can then manage their appearance anytime when not in Quest mode. Players have the following choices:

  • Gender - select the gender you would like for this Arc. Changing your gender afterwards will cost you 1 Gem.
    • Male
    • Female
  • Hairstyle A, B or C.
  • Element - you may change your element that will suit you for the needed Quest. Note that the Quest you complete will merit you Summoning Arts based on the element you have picked.

Summoner's Home

Home will allow access to you to Quests, Summoning Arts Lab or Arena. Even though Arena is still there, summoning restrictions will not apply.


Main article: Units

You may access your Units and Squads. Your squads will be significantly different than the normal one, due to restrictions from the normal arc.

Summoner's Menu

You may access Summoner's Menu upon completing New First Steps in Bectas.

See Summoner Avatar Level for an EXP table.


The Summon button from the Home menu is replaced with the Summoner button, listing the following:

  • Status - You can view your Summoner's summary, including element, level, EXP, stats, current SP, weapon, Leader Skill, and Summoning Arts. You can also manage your appearance here as well.
  • Parameters - View and unlock parameters using your current SP.
  • Fuse Unit - You may fuse Enhance materials to level up or earn SP for your Summoner. Not all units can be fused into the Summoner.
  • EX Skills - You can choose up to two Extra Skills to equip here.
  • Weapons - You can choose which weapons you'd like to equip. You can also check the weapon lore and manage your appearance here as well.
  • Equip LS Sphere - You can choose one Leader Skill to equip here.

Outside Summoner Avatar Mode

Upon the completion of St. Creek, the Summoner Avatar is available to be used in other game modes. However, the Summoner cannot be used in the following game modes:

  • Arena
  • Colosseum
  • Vortex Arena
  • Raid
  • Guild Raid
  • Frontier Rift
  • Omni+
  • Paradigm


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Summoner Arts Training Lab

See Summoning Arts Lab

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