Summoner EXP Boost
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 11006

Summoner EXP Boost is an effect that causes the EXP gained from completing a quest in Summoner’s Arc to increase by a specific percentage.

Summoner EXP Boost can also be provided via guild boosts. The higher the level of the guild boost, the greater the Summoner EXP Boost.

Summoner EXP Boost does not require Summoning Arts to unlock the Extra Skill carrying the boost, as the effect is activated outside battle. For example, Sweet Harlequin Ellie will activate her Summoner EXP Boost effect on her Extra Skill even if Fire element is not at Level 95 or higher.


  • The EXP boost from Sparkslinger Kagiya is 8%, which also stacks additively with all other forms of Summoner EXP Boost provided on Leader Skill, Extra Skill, and SP Enhancements.
  • Two copies of Sparkslinger Kagiya (16% Summoner EXP total) and one copy of Plein Flair Auberi (8% Summoner EXP) will net a total of 24% Summoner EXP Bonus, which is then multiplied into the total Summoner EXP formula.


Total Summoner EXP = Quest EXP * Event XP Boost * EXP Item Bonus * Unit Passive EXP Bonus * Guild Bonus

For example, if a squad with three copies of Sparkslinger Kagiya clears "Experience Training Lv. 3" in Summoners' Training Camp with the 2x EXP event ongoing, an Experience Serum consumed, and 50% Guild EXP Bonus, the player will earn 111,600 Summoner EXP.


  • EXP boost effects do not apply in Summoner’s Arc unless it is specifically stated that the boost applies to Summoner EXP.
    • The Summoner EXP boost applied by Sweet Harlequin Ellie is referred to as "Summoner Avatar EXP" while the Summoner EXP boost applied by Sparkslinger Kagiya is referred to in her extra skill as "Summoner EXP." Despite the naming conventions, they have the same effect, albeit at different values.
  • Summoner EXP Boost is also available via guild bonuses and can be leveled up in the same way as Zel, Karma, and EXP boosts.

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