Survey Office (also known as Akras Summoners' Hall Survey Office) is a facility located in the Imperial Capital Randall. Players have access to three sections of the Survey Office: Frontier Hunter, Frontier Gate, Frontier Rift and Summoners' Training Ground.

Frontier hunter banner

Frontier Hunter is a 5-day event that occurs on a monthly basis, allowing players to search the frontier and receive various rewards based on the results of their search.

Frontier gate banner

Frontier Gate is a facility providing special challenges to players that net exclusive rewards based on their results. There are challenges that may provide special restrictions to limit specific groups of units you can bring in a squad and/or require you to earn enough points for special prizes.

Frontier rift banner

Frontier Rift is a facility similar to Frontier Gate, providing story-related challenges and ranking-based events to players that net exclusive rewards based on their results. Certain challenges may restrict the player to only use Omni+ Rarity units.

Enshujou banner

Summoners' Training Ground is a facility providing a Sandbox Mode for players to test out their own squads.

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