Buff ID 10000
Passive ID N/A
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Taunt is a buff that makes the opponent’s single target attacks focus on the current unit. It can also provide the unit with an ATK%, DEF%, and/or Critical Hit Rate% buff, which stacks with other types of Parameter Boosts.

Interactions with Stealth

A unit cannot have Stealth and Taunt buffs active at the same time. A unit with Taunt active will have its Taunt effects overwritten by Stealth upon application and vice-versa. If Stealth and Taunt were to be added on the same frame, Stealth will take precedence.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Taunt.png Taunt DESC_BUFF_TAUNT Taunts non-area attacks.


  • Taunt can be used to “break” enemy attacks that forcibly target units on specific columns and rows. In Battle No. X1, if a unit in the front column uses Taunt on the same turn as passing the 90% HP threshold, Demonic Witch Xie’Jing will not be able to use ‘’Crushing Essence Burst’’, that would’ve instantly defeated off the units in the back column. However, this would not work at the 65% HP threshold, when ‘’Crushing Essence Burst’’ targets all enemies instead of specific targets.
  • Taunt does not redirect attacks to the caster if the attack is a random target skill.

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