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This template will retrieve the requested parameter from the data set passed in.

Note: Some unit properties have been enhanced for formatting and whatnot

  {{UnitProp|prop=<prop name>|<prop1=val>|<prop2=val>|<propN=val>}}



Additional parameters:
xpMax        = xp required to take the unit from level 1 to lvMax
hits         = combo_hits 
stars        = numeric representation of "rarity"
bbHits       = "bbhits", formatted based on "bbtype" (# or --)
sbbHits      = "sbbhits", formatted  based on "rarity" and "sbbtype" (# or --)
evoZelCost   = "evozelcost", formatted for easier reading
baseHp       = hp_base
baseAtk      = atk_base
baseDef      = def_base
baseRec      = rec_base
lordHp       = hp_lord (all stats will be "base" equivalent if lvMax = 1)
lordAtk      = atk_lord
lordDef      = def_lord 
lordRec      = rec_lord
animaHp      = hp_anima
animaAtk     = atk_anima
animaDef     = def_anima
animaRec     = rec_anima
breakerHp    = hp_breaker
breakerAtk   = atk_breaker
breakerDef   = def_breaker
breakerRec   = rec_breaker
guardianHp   = hp_guardian
guardianAtk  = atk_guardian
guardianDef  = def_guardian
guardianRec  = rec_guardian
oracleHp     = hp_oracle
oracleAtk    = atk_oracle
oracleDef    = def_oracle
oracleRec    = rec_oracle
thumbnail    = thumbnail image
thumbStars   = thumbnail image with stars overlay
evoFromLink  = link to article for "evofrom"
evoIntoLink  = link to article for "evointo"
rating = A calculated rating based on the sum of its Lord stats
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