• I'm fairly happy with my Arena team - they hardly ever lose - but I was wondering if I could make it better.

    My current team (in order):

    Rahgan (L), Semira, Quaid, Ultor, Selena

    Quaid was my leader until recently. I'm betting I could replace Ultor with someone better, but I do like his Angel Idol ES and his amazing normal attack power. Here's a list of my seven stars - I'm thinking of maybe going for a t1/t3 like Melchio or Gazia or something. But I'm open to any and all suggestions for the whole team.

    Fire: Bestie, Griff, Ciara, Ultor, Grandt, Vargas, Ruby*, Avant*

    Water: Selena, Elimo, Zeldeus, Medina, Iris, Quartz, Vernil*, Zerafalgar*

    Earth: Edea, Quaid, Dion, Libera, Andaria, Lance, Tora, Oguro, Vertri*, Duran*, Elaina*

    Thunder: Griel, Diana, Balgran, Rahgan, Zedus, Eze, Grybe, Sargavel, Kanon, Rize*, Kagura*, Deimos*

    Light: Will, Melchio, Kira, Raaga, Aurelia, Gazia, Ark, Rinon, Nadore, Sefia*, Fadahl*, Nemethgear*

    Dark: Kikuri, Reis, Kafka, Semira, Hadaron, Zenia, Feeva, Magress*, Chrome*, Logan*

    Asterisks indicate that they are not fully imped and/or BBLv'd yet. I guess I might as well list out my six stars that have seven star potential as well.

    Potential seven stars: Febros, Lucia, Lava, Reeze, Signas, Raydn, Luly, Ragshelm, Shera, Atro, Alice, Lunaris, Golem (Vars), Ivris, Belzeft (Eldora)

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    • I've always ignored LeageArena for so long, not that i don't have enough units, rather i have alot and can't seem to find the right units to play (without ever changing or swaping units)

      Thanks for your arena team suggestion, maybe thats the miracle line-up iv'e always been looking for

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    • Rahgan as a leader is pretty great. Everyone's SBB is always charged on turn 2, and even if they all decide to be idiots and not use it, even with bad RNG the enemy's usually down to only 1 on the second turn. And if that happens to allow them to BB against me, well, that's what Ultor and Selena are for (mostly Selena). Doesn't happen very often, though. Also, I'm a big fan of Semira because she tends to paralyze or curse, so her BB going off is usually an instant win. Of course, the enemy usually dies anyway after that, so I could see replacing her, too. She's been a staple of my Arena team since before 7 stars, though, so she has sentimental value.

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    • I would put Bestie just to make sure all the sbb gauges are filled. Her normal hits + ES + Rahgan's LS makes her have so many hits, its crazy.

      Rize is pretty good. She is basically guaranteed to KO anyone on the first turn with her ES + Rahgan's LS. 

      Thats what I would do. Replace Quaid and Semira for these two. :D

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    • I like the Rize suggestion. I've hardly used her for anything except Challenge Arena, so maybe she'll get a chance to shine.

      Not sure about Bestie, though - I mean, I love her for many purposes, but she's best for BB management, and my gauges always fill anyway (almost - sometimes one person's a bit short of the SBB). I mean, Zenia does more damage, for example - and she's t3. Or Iris, who also gets double drop counts, could provide better buffs than just more BB boosting. I think that's all the double hit/drop characters, except for Raaga, but he has that horrible t6 typing.

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    • In arena, I think Bestie is better than Iris as Bestie has more hits, her ES is the same as Iris' and you dont need buffs in Arena. Just BB's. Zenia can work as well. She gets double hit counts and her atk is out of the roof as well. 

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    • I'm trying Rize and Zenia. So far they're usually killing 4 enemies on the first turn every time. Also charging all their SBBs, though honestly that's not really mattering. I'm going to need to get Rize imped up, though. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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