• Disclaimer:

    The content presented on this show was as accurate as possible during the time of its recording. Due to the dynamic nature of Game Operations, some changes may have occurred prior to the release of the video, causing actual event release dates to differ from those announced on the show. We seek your understanding on this matter, and thank you for your continuous support.

    Episode Index:

    Brave Updates

    • New Omni Unlocks: Rickel & Lunaris (1:40)

    Brave Exclusives

     • New Omni Unlock: Allanon (6:47)
     • New Reward Unit: Ultor (Omni) (11:30)
     • More Updates on our Special Collaboration?! (14:50)

    Brave Answers

     • Q&A: Will there be any more Guild Raid Batches after Ravea?? (20:29)
     • Q&A: Any plans to upgrade Ensa-Taya and Juno-Seto?? (23:56)

    Summoners' Corner (27:40)

    A Summoner's Adventure is Never Over!

    Note: Due to recent changes in the event schedule for Vortex Arena and Guild Raid for February, we had to remove the preview of upcoming Vortex Arena and Guild Raid for March. We are really sorry for the lack of content due to this removal. Please kindly wait for updates in our official channels at a later time.

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    • since BF2 is out... I guess they are giving us what we are asking...

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    • SeraphAzael wrote:
      since BF2 is out... I guess they are giving us what we are asking...

      I gues so...

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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