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    Hello Summoners! Looking for friends? Then this is the place to do so!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • In-Game Name: input
    • Player ID: input
    • Player Level: input
    • Leaders Available: input
    • Leaders Wanted: input

    *'''In-Game Name:''' input
    *'''Player ID:''' input
    *'''Player Level:''' input
    *'''Leaders Available:''' input
    *'''Leaders Wanted:''' input


    • In-Game Name: ABCD
    • Player ID: 1234567890
    • Player Level: 123
    • Leaders Available: Silvie, Zeruiah, Rain
    • Leaders Wanted: Allanon, Nyami, Zelnite

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you have saved a friend slot to them or friend requested to them.


    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Please only input your Global ID to minimize confusion. Player IDs of other servers will be removed.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post of looking for friends.
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      • In-Game Name: Alesta
      • Player ID: 2115557826
      • Player Level: 630
      • Leaders Available: Ravea, Shion, Alza Masta, Ezra
      • Leaders Wanted: Bjorn & Linlin (40% Exp boost), Priestess Snow Miku, Tridon
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      • In-Game Name: Zell
      • Player ID: 7391101862
      • Player Level: 543
      • Leaders Available: Randolf and Ravenna, Ravea , Snow Miku
      • Leaders Wanted: Gifters
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      • In-Game Name: xShu
      • Player ID: 6340088047
      • Player Level: 317
      • Leaders Available: Krantz, Snow Miku, Zelnite(Soon to be replaced by Alan)
      • Leaders Wanted: Ravea, Shion, Erza
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      • In-Game Name: Izanami
      • Player ID: 4555565246
      • Player Level: 586
      • Leaders Available: Summoner (Light/Ex Deus Gladius (lvl. 100)), Daltisk & Maxwell (+3)
      • Leaders Wanted: Alza Masta, Omni Tridon, Amus, Nagid, Segrud, Eriana, Reseus, Beatrix & Erza (+mitigation & parameters boost [SP])
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    • Hello, summoners! Good day! (ovo)/

      In-Game Name: KKytes

      Player ID: 0654652315

      Player Level: 500 (And rising! (o3o)/)

      Leaders Available: Shion, Natalame OR Ravea; Juno-Seto, Feng, or Summoner on occasion.

      Leaders Wanted: Your preference/setup; low bias towards current meta (i.e. Limited Edition units). I will say though - currently looking for Ceulfan friends.

      S-Arc Avatar: Ex Deus Gladius (lvl. 100) with Ultraboost Serum

      S-Arc Avatar Wanted: Your preference! I don't mind helping out players who are starting out. (o3o)/

      Current Spaces Available: 3 spaces~

      Note: I don't really care much about your level and stuff, what matters to me is that you're going to continue to be active. I really don't care too much about gifts either, and if you need anything (e.g. Leader Change), feel free to message me on my message wall! A list of feasable Omni leads can also be found on my Profile Page. I look forward to working with you! (^^)/

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    • In Game Name: Chaos

      ID: 497326350

      Level: 223

      Leaders: Amu-Yonos. I could have more tho if ya asked nicely

      Leaders Wanted: Omni Ark, and Polite gifters. :3

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      • In-Game Name: Insanity
      • Player ID: 3940145421
      • Player Level: 329
      • Leaders Available: Linasera (ommi) , Elza (ommi1) , Snow Miku (ommi3)
      • Leaders Wanted: Daily Gifter
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    • In-Game Name: Shiki

      Player ID: 7516245193

      Player Level: 503

      Leaders Available: Snow Miku, Regil and Ark (occasionaly Zelnite)

      Leaders Wanted: Alza Masta, Alan or Regil ;D

      Note: I are an active player and daily gifter with needs for a friend :c xD

      posdt: I talk spanish (sorry for my bad english)

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      • In-Game Name: magool
      • Player ID: 8422162658
      • Player Level: 361
      • Leaders Available: Erza, Shion, Alan (Msg me in discord Yukko#2118 for other leads that I might have)
      • Leaders Wanted: Ceulfan, Ravea
      • I give daily gifts and uhh my friends list is too sad.
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      • In-Game Name: Dawn
      • Player ID: 219087683
      • Player Level: 488
      • Leaders Available: Shion (+3) Zeis (+3) Zelion (+2)
      • Leaders Wanted: Guild Raid Units/Frontier Hunter (Extra Action Pref)
        I.E. Natalame Ravea Dessit or KarnaM.
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      • In-Game Name: Cooper
      • Player ID: 6903598387
      • Player Level: 226
      • Leaders Available: Shion (+2)
      • Leaders Wanted: Karna Masta, Regil, Snow Miku, Elza, Zellha, Ensa-Taya (Or other status inflictors)
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      • In-Game Name: Legend
      • Player ID: 2315786602
      • Player Level: 160
      • Leaders Available:  Eze(+2)/Ciara Omni
      • Leaders Wanted: Anyone is fine
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      • In-Game Name: Inkubus
      • Player ID: 6990751647
      • Player Level: 502
      • Leaders Available: Roglizer 7* (Working on his Omni now), Senbonzakura Miku Omni(Will be +3 soon), And Shion omni+3.
      • Leaders Wanted: Anyone who isnt super low leveled and actice players only pls. Doesnt matter what the leader is
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      • In-Game Name : ZrX
      • Player ID : 35224983
      • Player Level : 354
      • Leaders Available : Karna Masta (+3), Alza Masta (+3) & Priestess Snow Miku (+2)
      • Leaders Wanted : Any EXP Boosting Leaders (Shion, Zelnite, Zeruiah, Bjørn & Linlin & Roglizer) and Daily Gifters would be appreciated.
      • Note 1 : 3 Slots Left! Ravea & Ceulfan friends are welcomed as well!
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    • In-Game Name: H-King

      Player ID: 8440057914

      Player Level: 267

      Leaders Available: Galtier(+1), Roglizer(+1), Senbonzakura Miku(+1)

      Leaders Wanted: Active players and Daily Gifters

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    • In-Game Name: Virnyx

      Player ID: 175370789

      Player Level: 301

      Leaders Available: Bjorn and linlin(40% exp), Divine blade Alan, Zeruiah

      Leaders Wanted: Anyone who unlocked summoner avatar (Need STP)

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      • In-Game Name: Astronis
      • Player ID: 5117285726
      • Player Level: 543
      • Leaders Available: Grandmagos Ceulfan (+3), Alluring Empress Savia (+3), Glorious Hero Krantz (+1).
      • Leaders Wanted: Ravea, Ezra, Natalamé. (ONLY)
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      • In-Game Name: Flqme
      • Player ID: 0213299197
      • Player Level: 239
      • Leaders Available: Twinkle Snow Miku, Shion, Alan+2 (Others available just ask on my wall)
      • Leaders Wanted: Ravea, Alza Masta, or other trial compatible units.

      Note: As long as ur not too weak ill friend u

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