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    Hello Summoners! Here is a thread dedicated to providing feedback and suggesting new ideas to the wiki!

    Want to suggest something to add onto the wiki? Found a mistake on a page? What things do you want to see improved on this wiki?

    We are open to suggestions, so please feel free to leave them here!

    We also have a dedicated #wikiedit-discussion channel on The Brave Network. Join us!

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    • I saw Overlord wiki thanks to a meme. The composition is rather interesting in my opinion:

      • Introduction
      • Relationships
      • Abilities and Powers
      My suggestion is:
      • Normal Page (as is)
      • Alternate Unit (if there is any)
      • BF2 counterpart
      • BF2 counterpart's alternative (JP, EU, anything)
      • Lore (with citation to original source for key paragraphs)
      I imagine it will make hell lot of work, however.
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