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    New thread: Thread:432525
    04:40, September 3, 2019

    Hello Summoners! Here is a thread dedicated to providing feedback and suggesting new ideas to the wiki!

    Want to suggest something to add onto the wiki? Found a mistake on a page? What things do you want to see improved on this wiki?

    We are open to suggestions, so please feel free to leave them here!

    We also have a dedicated #wiki-discussion channel on The Brave Network. Join us!

    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post to ask questions. New threads and blog posts will be deleted. The only exceptions to this are this thread and Discussions.
    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
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