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The Village of the Venturer in Elgaia is your home town, your armory and a good place to just sit back and catch some tunes. You will frequently drop by here to restock, recover and perhaps just relax.

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There are several structures and resource nodes of note within the village.

  • Synthesis House - In here, you can create consumable items that can be used during quests.
  • Sphere House - Craft Spheres that can be equipped by your Units. The spheres require Karma, honor items, and raw materials.
  • LS Spheres Building - Craft Leader Skill Spheres that can be equipped to your Summoner Avatar. The raw materials needed to make the spheres can be farmed starting from Bectas.
  • Items Storehouse - Allows you to select the consumables you wish to take on a Quest. Also contains your overall item inventory. You can sell item stacks if you are about to run out of space.
  • Upgrade Facility - You can spend Karma in order to increase the Level of your structures and resource nodes. Upgraded structures allow you more synthesis options and upgraded resource nodes provide more and higher-quality resources per day. The max level of each facility is as follows:
    • Synthesis House - Level 30
    • Spheres Building - Level 80
    • Forest and Mountain - Level 14
    • River - Level 14
    • Farm - Level 10
  • Music House - Purchase and play the various BGMs available throughout the game.
  • River - Provides Drop type resources when tapped.
  • Forest - Provides Grass, Bone and Feather type resources when tapped.
  • Farm - Provides Bug and Nut type resources when tapped.
  • Mountain - Provides Fang, Claw, Pelt, Stone and Eye resources when tapped.
  • Event Bazaar - You can spend tokens you earn from various Special Events and spend them in exchange for Enhance materials, Evolution materials, Event-exclusive spheres, and sphere materials.

Each resource node also provides a small amount of Zel and Karma when tapped.