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Unit ills full 1001724

Clear within 25 turns = 1 Metal Key
Clear with the Summoner in the party = 1 Jewel Key
Clear with no deaths = 1 Burst Cookie

Clear: Sphere (心精サンクオーレの涙) = +25% ATK based on HP remaining, +25% DEF/MDEF based on HP lost
Use to activates Roy's EXS

Start of the Battle: 焔の陣「カディートフェルン」- nuke, guard all
Every 4 turns
天炎の陣「スヴァローグ」- AoE
Every 5 turns
焔将天堕剣 - strong AoE

At 75%/50%/25%
聖光のサンクオーレ - 11,000 burst Heal, gains ATK/DEF/MDEF buff for 3 turns

At 15% HP, idles for 1 turn then casts
焔王の陣「ヴェルフォーグ」- nuke