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Element Element Water Water
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Yellow
Hair Green
Age Unknown
Currently Unknown
First Appearance Frontier Rift: Drowning Darkness
Unit Counterpart Tsovinar, Endless Abyss Tsovinar

Tsovinar is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the game. She is a powerful goddess who dwells within an unreachable area known as the Endless Abyss.

In-Game Appearance[]

Tsovinar first appears in the Frontier Rift "Drowning Darkness"; however, only a shadow is shown. Tsovinar’s second thematic appearance in Brave Frontier is in Episode 8 of the Grand Quest "Fates of the Fallen."


Long ago in the land of Aimyhr, a meteorite crashed into the ocean, bearing with it an alien entity known as Tsovinar. After arriving in her new realm under the oceans of Aimyhr, Tsovinar swiftly began commanding the absolute obedience of a species of half-serpent, half-human creatures, known as Naga. Among those who swore fealty to Tsovinar is her high priest, Saerenthis. Tsovinar’s emotions toward Saerenthis range from extreme hostility to genuine apathy. It is also implied that Tsovinar is unable to leave her oceanic abyss, though the reason is unknown.


Tsovinar was not satisfied with the conquest of her oceanic realm and set her eyes on the whole of Aimyhr, yearning to plunge it into the Endless Abyss, and become the ultimate ruler of all living things. Tsovinar believed that the present was the perfect time to begin her conquest, as Aimyhr itself was wounded from the havoc sewn by Ensa-Taya. Tsovinar first sent forth Saerenthis and a horde of Naga, believing this to be enough to crush any resistance Aimyhr had to offer. A long series of events unfold, all of them involving resistance by the people of Aimyhr. These events result in the death of Saerenthis. The sacrifice of his soul was enough to bring forth Tsovinar from the Endless Abyss. Upon her arrival, Tsovinar spears Tevarius through the chest, inflicting a seemingly mortal wound. Though previously apathetic-seeming toward Saerenthis, Tsovinar grieves over Saerenthis’ death and begins to ravage Aimyhr over a section of the sea called “The Maelstrom.” Tsovinar meets resistance in the form of Ensa-Taya and Juno-Seto, who manifest themselves via Sero-Anya’s spirit. Tsovinar manifests her true, unholy form, and attempts to kill Juno-Seto and Ensa-Taya. Before this can happen, Sero-Anya’s spirit is merged with that of Juno-Seto and Ensa-Taya. With newfound power, Sero-Anya offers Tsovinar the choice to be removed from her mortal body. Tsovinar accepts, and her spirit is severed from her mortal coil, along with Sero-Anya’s, removing their spirits from their bodies, and Aimyhr as a whole. Thus is the end of Tsovinar.


As a unit[]

See Tsovinar and Endless Abyss Tsovinar


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Endless Abyss Tsovinar
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  • Tsovinar bears direct resemblance to H.P. Lovecraft’s mythical God “Cthulhu.” Alongside this, Tsovinar and the Naga, as well as Saerenthis, speak R'lyehian, the language used by Cthulhu in “The Call of Cthulhu” to speak into his followers minds.