Turn Based Parameter Boost
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 105

Turn-based Parameter Boost is an effect that increases or decreases the parameters of a unit by a certain percentage for a specific number of turns. This acts differently than other parameter boosts, meaning that it stacks on top of regular parameter boosts. Turn-based Parameter Boost is still subject to the normal parameter caps, which have a base value of 99,999.


  • Bloodpoison Florence’s Extra Skill boosts all allies Attack and Defense by 15% per turn for 4 turns, reaching a maximum of 60%.
  • Nia, Maverick of Elysia’s SP offers the option “Boost to Atk, Def, Rec for up to 10 turns,” at a value of 10% per turn, reaching a maximum of 100% after 10 turns.
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