Turn Skip
Turn skip ver1.png
Buff ID 10005
Passive ID N/A

Turn Skip is an effect that prevents affected units from taking action, similar to Paralysis. Unlike Paralysis, Turn Skip cannot be cleansed by any means outside purging.

Purging and Negating Turn Skip

Units with the Elemental Synergy Tempest can purge Turn Skip. Additionally, Tempest can negate Turn Skip effects.

While not the same as negating Turn Skip, Nia, Maverick of Elysia and Storm-Bringer Tevarius's Extra Skills reduce Turn Skip effects applied to them by 3 turns. Additionally, the Apex Steerwheel Sphere and The World Elgif reduce Turn Skip duration by 1 turn.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Turn skip ver1.png Turn Skipped DESC_BUFF_SKIP_TURN Turn Skipped.
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