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"Summoner... can you comprehend the powers we possess? We shall find out soon enough."


With Omni Evos about to come out in Global and with people asking which starters to raise, I'll explain it now.

Each starter has their own niche.

You may be asking yourself: but how? this starter clearly has better skills than the others. Well that may be true but each this post will help you understand how each starter doesn't outclass one another and will not be outclassed for quite a while.

What is the SP system?

The SP (Specialty Points) System is the key feature of Omni Evolutions. This feature can only be unlocked once an Omni Unit has reached Lv 150 and have a SBB level of 10.

Once unlocked, you can start earning SP (Specialty Points).

The SP system allows you to customize your Omni Unit. Customizing can you give you any of the following:

  • New buff
  • Strengthen pre-existing buff
  • Boost stats

Specialty Points

SP is earned in the same manner as raising BB levels: Fusion. You get a free 10 SP when you unlock the customization. Each Omni unit can have a total of 100 SP. To get the other 90 SP, you have to fuse to get it. Unlike BB leveling, different fusion materials will yield different SP which is as follows:

  • Sphere Frog = 10 SP (NOTE: You will not gain SP if the unit does not have a second sphere slot and you fuse a Sphere Frog into it.)
  • Burst Emperor = 5 SP
  • Dupe starter = 5 SP (NOTE: Rarity is irrelevant.)
  • Burst Frog = 1 SP
  • Anything else = Chance of 1 SP

If you are unsatisfied with your choices, you can reset all customization for 3 gems.

Sample SP skill set

Now that you know what the SP system is and how to get SP, let's have a sample. Since I do not have pictures for it, I will instead list the SP skillset for Vargas and Selena below as well as the required Cost for each.


Unit ills full 10017.png
Name SP Cost Effect
20% boost to Atk, Rec 10
20% boost to HP, Def 10
Boosts own Spark damage 20 50% boost
Boosts own critical damage 20 50% boost
Adds Spark damage increase effect to BB/SBB 50 80% boost for 3 turns
Adds critical damage boost effect to BB/SBB 50 50% boost for 3 turns
Boosts UBB Atk and boosts Atk buff on UBB 50 300% boost to modifier on UBB and +100% Atk buff
Adds resistance against 1 KO attack effect to UBB 100 80% chance to activate, restores to full HP


Unit ills full 20017.png
Name SP Cost Effect
Damage taken boosts BB gauge 20 Fills 2~3 BC
Damage taken restores HP 20 25% chance to heal 10% damage
Enhances BC, HC drop rate boost on SBB 10 5% boost to BC, HC drop rate
Negates all status ailments 50
Enhances gradual HP recovery 40 Additional 1000 HP recovered
Boosts Water elemental damage 40 50% boost for 3 turns
Adds status ailments removal effect to BB/SBB 60
Additional turn for UBB 60


So as you can see, Vargas and Selena aren't just limited to the buffs attached to their kit, but rather they can have even more. Now since you can only 100 SP, you cannot get all of the upgrades so you will have to choose wisely which ones are worth the SP.

If you're ever unsatisfied, you can reset your customization for 3 gems.

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