A lot of our favorite units from the 7*s or even in the 6* era were able to get omni evolution which was one of the best things to have on the game. No doubt that when the game was still updating that eventually, any unit that's still only evolvable to 7* or under would recieve an Omni Evolution. Today, Alim is now focusing on making content for BF2, meaning those units are now left in dust forever and any hopes of evolving them to their full potentials are now just nothing more than wishful thinking. What units did you really wanted to evolve to OE when the game was still recieving  updates? 

Mines has to be Rosetta. She was one of my favorite spark units in the game. I still remember the time when her spark buff helped me a lot in beating Tilith's trial. I can't even imagine on how useful she would have been if she did recieve an OE. Now it seems like I can only use her in content that doesn't really require any good units but just decent stats.