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Vulcan Axe
Sphere thum 4 1.png Item Lore
Korzan's treasured Vulcan Axe is a weapon like no other. Forged from orihalcum, the bone and crystallized heart of an Elder Magma Salamander, the Vulcan Axe was commissioned by Overlord Azurai to celebrate the birth of his son. The soul of the beast lived on within the weapon, but only a warrior worthy of its fiery might could call forth its true power. Although known for their extraordinary strength, the only known Morokai to have ever wielded the Vulcan Axe effectively were Overlord Azurai, and Korzan himself. In battle, the flames of the Salamander would engulf the weapon, making it capable of melting both metal and rock in a matter of seconds.
100% boost to Atk, 30% boost to max HP, 30% boost to critical hit rate, greatly boosts critical hit damage, enormously boosts Fire elemental damage & critical damage enormously boosts BB gauge
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency
Stat up icon.png Parameter Boost 30% boost to HP, 100% boost to Atk and 30% boost to critical rate
Crit dmg.png Critical Damage Boost 100% boost to critical damage
Ewdbuff fire.png Elemental Damage Boost 100% boost to Fire elemental damage
Bb over time.png BC Fill on Critical Boosts BB gauge by 10~20 BC on critical hit
Sale Price: Zell thum.png 10,000 Zel Type: Sphere icon atk boosting.png Atk Boosting
Trade Value: Achievement p thum.png 50 Merit Points Rarity: 3

Item Name Quantity
Item thum 880211.png Fury of the Destroyer 1
Item thum 880202.png Orihalcum 1
Karma thum.png Karma

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