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Wave Stone
Item thum 20961
Item Lore:
A stone with the combined power of Water Ores and Water Seals. When used by a Water type Unit, it has the ability to increase said Unit's Atk and Def. Rumor has it that the Savat people from the Sama Kingdom often used this stone in battle during the times of the great war with the gods. It is also said that when a certain general of the Sama Army found himself cornered by the God Army alongside his soldiers, they miraculously found an escape route that brought them back home alive after using the stone.
Raises the Atk & Def of all Water types by 50% for 3 turns.
Carry Limit: 3
Sale Price: Zell thum 100 Zel
Extra Skill:

Facility item

Base Materials
Item thum 1102 Fate Stone 2
Item thum 1101 Paladin Stone 2
Item thum 701 Water Eye 7