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Item frame 7 Leader Skill Spheres

Wrathful Needle
Ls sphere thum 9 1 Item Lore
A torture implement once used with loving care by a sadistic young tyrant. The gods attempted to vist numerous punishments upon this tyrant for his loathsome ways, but the tyrant forced his magician to transform the torturer's needle into a decoy. It drew off the gods' curses, leaving him unharmed. The needle gained fearsome power as the gods' wrath passed through it time and again, eventually becoming a weapon so destructive it could threaten the gods themselves.
Leader Skill
40% boost to Atk, Def, considerably boosts BB gauge each turn, 100% boost to Spark damage & slightly boosts critical hit rate
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 40% boost to Atk, 40% boost to Def and 15% boost to critical rate
Bb over time Gradual BB Gauge Boost Boosts BB gauge by 4 BC
Spark buff Spark Boost 100% boost to spark damage
Sale Price: Zell thum 5,000 Zel
Rarity: 4 (LS Sphere)