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Item frame 3 Spheres

Wyola's Brand
Sphere thum 819147 Item Lore
A replica of the Wyola's pre-war faction mark, it is given to prospective candidates that the faction is interested in. Those who possess this have an electrifying sensation running through their body all the time, thanks to the enchantment contained within.
45% boost to all parameters of Thunder types, adds probability of resistance against 1 KO attack, 75% boost to Spark damage damage & Spark damage slightly boosts BB gauge
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency
Paraboost fire atk Elemental Parameter Boost 45% boost to all parameters of Thunder units
Chance angel idol Chance KO Resistance 50% chance of resisting 1 KO
Spark buff Spark Boost 75% boost to spark damage
Bb on spark buff BC Fill on Spark Boosts BB gauge by 2 BC on spark
Sale Price: Zell thum 30,000 Zel Type: Sphere icon status boost Status Boost
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 1,000 Merit Points Rarity: 6★
How to Obtain