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Yggdrasil Edict
Sphere icon hp recovery
Sphere thum 5 8
Item Lore:
A Sphere that came into the custody of the Akras Summoners' Hall during the dawn of its establishment. This Sphere is said to have been retrieved from the plane between life and death, though there are absolutely no details regarding the individual who handed it over to Summoners' Hall. However, it is known to rule over the existence of all beings in the world, allowing those who simply touch it to become one with the world itself. It is speculated to be the key behind the mystery of creation.
Boosts all survival related abilities
Fully restores HP every turn, 25% damage mitigation after 3000 damage taken, 60% chance to survive 1 KO attack after every 200,000 damage, 30% chance to heal 50% damage taken, 200% boost to HP & adds resistance to 1 KO attack
Sale Price: Zell thum 30,000 Zel
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 5,000 Merit Points
Rarity: 7
How to Obtain
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes
  • In the Japan version, Yggdrasil Edict only required 550 missions to be completed in Records. Upon its release in the Global version, Yggdrasil Edict's requirements have been readjusted to Global standards.
  • The name of this sphere has been changed from Dragon Shield to Yggdrasil Edict on Nov 15, 2017